Walk 2 – Richmans Walk

Approximate length 2 kms; Allow 1.5 hours

At various points you will see guide posts (green with white tops) to assist your direction (marked X on the map).


(From the Museum, clockwise)

  • Reservoir
  • Magazine
  • Site of Recreation Ground
  • Site of Mine Manager’s House
  • The Slimes
  • Richmans Engine House area
  • Richmans Tailings Heap (climb via walkway)
  • Warmingtons Shaft
  • Stirlings Shaft and Ore Floor
  • Taylors North Shaft
  • Taylors Shaft
  • Taylors Crushing Plant

Be Careful

Some of the area where you will be walking is natural terrain. While the National Trust does monitor its condition, it is not possible to remove all obstacles and debris from paths and around structures. There is also the possibilityof wildlife e.g. snakes.

  • DO take care when crossing the railway line and public roads
  • DO ensure you have drinking water with you on hot days
  • DO NOT climb on or over fences
  • DO NOT physically disturb buildings or other structures
  • DO NOT get too close to the edge if you are on top of tailings heaps
  • DO NOT remove materials from this heritage area.

If you notice damage to signs or other vandalism while walking please report it at any Trust venue.

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