Richmans Enginehouse

Richmans concentrating plant was one of three at the Moonta Mine, the others being Hancocks and Ryans. It operated from 1869 until the mine closed in 1923, crushing and concentrating ore from nearby shafts. During this period many alterations were made to the plant to suit the improved technology of mining and processing. Waste from the plant was dumped on the large tailings heap behind the enginehouse.

Richmans Enginehouse was constructed between 1867 and 1869 using stone from Moonta Beach. Designed by engineer Frederick May and built under his supervision, the enginehouse featured a concealed roof surrounded by a parapet. It housed a 32-inch Cornish beam engine was named after a director of the Moonta Mining Company.

The engine was taken out of service in 1917 and the enginehouse and surrounding buildings were salvaged in 1925. Surrounding the enginehouse are other ruins including foundations and bases of crushers, jiggers, buddles, elevators, air compressors and boilerhouses.

The walk provides access to Richmans Enginehouse and lookouts on the tailings heap. Signs interpret the remaining structures.

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